5 Ways to Feed Your Soul & Rise into Your Leadership

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    I know what it's like to feel like you don't belong.

    I specialize in helping Empathic Leaders find their voice, fulfill their soul's purpose/Dharma, improve their self-worth/confidence and learn to navigate cross-cultural relationships.

    As an intuitive soul, empath, an HSP, and a first-generation POC who has never felt like I fully belonged anywhere, I know your struggles. The more I tried to make everyone happy, the worse I felt. The result was suffering through so many health issues, relationship challenges, and career changes. I just didn't know any other way. Who could I turn to for support? I felt like no one understood how I felt and what I was going through.

    You see, I know the pressures that a child of immigrants can feel, we want to honor our parents, our linage, our culture, and we have a soul's desire to honor ourselves. It can feel like you are balancing different worlds and still never feel like you belong in either one.

    I found a way I want to support you in finding yours, without going through the challenges the hard way... What would happen if you felt physically and mentally whole, had connected relationships, and a deep connection with your true self?

    What if you knew who you are, what you are meant to do in the world, and felt truly confident?

    As a soulful misfit, an empathic leader and a woman in a non-traditional career, I know what it's like to feel like you don't belong. The inner peace that you can have with knowing you are on your path is waiting for you. It's time to find your unique place in the world.

    My path was not linear, I kept trying to find where I fit in, searched for my tribe and people who understood me, looked for the right career that would make everyone happy, and behaved in a way that I thought was honoring my culture and family.

    As I went deeper into people pleasing, ignoring my intuition, my health suffered and I lost my way. Only through my work with healers/coaches/therapists and completing so many certifications and training programs (check out the partial list below) was I able to see my truth.

    I was losing myself, not fulfilling my own unique purpose, and in the end no one was happy - especially my soul. If that sounds like you, I can help you find yourself again without going down the long path I took. I see you soulful misfit!

    I know what it takes to be successful in overcoming anxiety, stress & burnout that results in trying to fit into a world that is not designed for  you. I can help you Step into Your Aligned Leadership! 


    We all have our unique path, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and life is happening for our growth

    I'm NOT ABOUT:

    Focusing only on the practical or the spiritual, treating others poorly, judgement


    Guesting on or listening to podcasts, on coaching calls with my amazing clients, creating blogs and vlogs and sending love to the work

    daily rituals

    Morning affirmations/meditations, journaling, oracle card reading, spending time with my teenagers and husband, working out for my sanity and connecting

    If you are ready to have the help with your desire to become comfortable in your own skin and to pursue your dreams with a clear vision of what you truly want, then now is the time to contact me. If you are balancing two worlds, not sure what you truly want, know what you want but don't know where to begin, and are ready to stop struggling - then we need to talk. I know how you feel, I have been there, and want to help you shine your light in the world.





    Schitt's Creek

    a good red wine

    anything spiritual

    massage, Reiki & bodywork



    empowering women podcasts

    Kavita's Certifications

    "Her calm and steady approach has the rare ability to help one create life transformations and significant shifts almost without awareness that it is happening."


    Sami, Director, National Reviews

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