I know what it's like to feel like you don't belong.

I am a certified empowerment coach and hypnotherapist with many years of experience supporting HSPs/empaths to thrive. 

Over the years, I have worked with so many beautiful souls like you who need to improve their self-confidence, own their self-worth, improve their relationships and just feel like they belong in the world. 

I have experienced loneliness, sadness, anxiousness, and difficulties in relationships because I didn't know how to honor my worth.

I was a people pleaser, a chameleon... have you changed who you are to fit in?

I am committed to helping highly sensitive people and empaths honor their unique strengths, find their voices, and accept their own worth. I am a HSP and with that comes many gifts and many shadows.

I specialize in working with other HSPs/empaths/intuitive women. In the world built for the other 80% it is vital to seek support. 

I can help you find your uniqueness just like I have helped so many others find theirs. It's time to move from simply surviving to thriving as a highly sensitive person.

If you are an intuitive, empath, or HSP who has never felt like you fully belong. I can help you accept yourself and find your place in the world. 

You can learn to consciously use your unique strengths to interact more easily at work and in your personal life. 

Together we can help you discover how to ask for what you truly need without worrying about hurting other people's feelings. 

You can develop a sense of resilient self-worth that will allow you to courageously address whatever challenges you face.


We all have our unique path, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and life is happening for our growth


Focusing only on the practical or the spiritual, treating others poorly, judgement


Guesting on or listening to podcasts, on coaching calls with my amazing clients, creating blogs and vlogs and sending love to the work

daily rituals

Morning affirmations/meditations, journaling, oracle card reading, spending time with my teenagers and husband, working out for my sanity and connecting





Schitt's Creek

a good red wine

anything spiritual

massage, Reiki & bodywork



empowering women podcasts

Kavita's Certifications

"Her calm and steady approach has the rare ability to help one create life transformations and significant shifts almost without awareness that it is happening."


Sami, Director, National Reviews

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