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Are you feeling called to move past your blocks and step fully into your leadership?

Confidently manifest your Divine Life without overwork/overwhelm

Do you have a big mission but can't fulfill it because you are experiencing burnout?
Are you intuitive yet feel somewhat disconnected from your inner power or guidance?

Keys to have the energy to shine your light and live a life aligned with your soul,
Tools to feed your soul (so you can quiet the external voices and listen to your inner wisdom),
Steps to keep you on your Divine path so you can live a purposeful life.

To support you in Rising into your Purpose, I created this free guide that will give you:

5 Ways to feed your soul and rise into your leadership as an empath

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Do you feel like you are stuck, unfulfilled and just simply burnt out? Are you ready to learn to move past your blocks and into your purposeful Leadership? This guide is for you!

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"Margi's guide was kick-ass indeed and quite literally changed how I show up on social." - Jen Olmstead

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I'm Kavita Melwani, I know what it's like when you just don't feel like you belong!

I am a certified empowerment coach and hypnotherapist with many years of experience supporting HSP's/empaths to thrive. I am here to tell you, you can live with more balance, joy, connection and purpose!

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"I am a much more confident, and perceptive person after our sessions. I feel that I know myself much better now, than I did even six months ago."


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"I wouldn't not be where I am today had we not had our conversations last winter! I'm so excited to be pursing something that lights me up and sets my soul on fire."


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