Remove Blocks by Redirecting Your Subconscious

Hypnosis can feel like a deep meditation. My clients tell me they feel relaxed or a deep release after their session. I conduct my sessions virtually, so it doesn't matter where you live. Through the session we work to relax your conscious mind. While your conscious mind is relaxed, the wisdom of your subconscious mind is accessed by asking a series of questions.


Regression Hypnosis is done while you are in a relaxed/meditative state. During sessions we are able to access your past and clear emotions and perceptions related to those events. You can clarify what you really want, release the emotions stuck in your body and allow inner wisdom to shine through. Regression is like a deep meditative state.

A deeper form of hypnosis is regression.

regression hypnosis therapy

Clear Emotional Baggage

Regression Hypnosis

Move past financial blocks, increase your self-acceptance, improve relationships, decrease stress, and break behavioral patterns that no longer serve you.

Regression sessions

Find clarity, mindfulness, self-knowledge, understanding, and liberation of limiting beliefs. Find inner calm, restored empathy, and rid psychosomatic complaints.

Clarity Call

If you want to find out if a hypnosis/regression session can benefit you, please reserve a complimentary clarity call.

Many clients come to me because society tells them they are not enough. They don't know enough, don't look good enough, or just simply haven't accomplished enough. This belief is false and can be deeply embedded in our minds, it effects behavior on a daily basis.

Improve Self Belief, Assertiveness & Self-Esteem

self confidence hypnosis therapy

Redirect Subconscious

Increase Confidence

Increase confidence and belief that you are a capable, strong human being and are enough. 

Subconscious Behavior

Hypnosis is helpful because it is said that 80-90% of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious mind.

Clarity Call

If you want to find out if a hypnosis/regression session can benefit you, please reserve a complimentary clarity call.

"I always feel heard and at the end of the call, I feel more relaxed and positive about the issues I am working with."


relaxed & positive

Yes, It Really Works

"Accepting that I was a HSP actually gave me a sense of relief, and I felt less alone or abnormal... is not a weakness and that there are actually many strengths I offer."


Acceptance & Growth

"I am now enjoying my life more than ever before. One of the medical conditions I was diagnosed with, and that has no known cure, has gone. I feel like I have a new lease on life and marvel at life's wonder every day."


Overcame Chronic pain

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