5 Ways to Feed Your Soul & Rise into Your Leadership

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    Self-compassion for the HSP/Empath

    Do you struggle with negative, hurtful, and degrading self-talk? It can be so difficult to practice self-compassion as most of us are our harshest critics. The way that we self talk, directly effects how we both take care of and treat ourselves. Making mistakes in life does not make you any less worthy of self-love, […]

    The Enlightened Heart Podcast


    Coping Mechanism for HSPs/Empaths During the Corona Coaster

    How to Live/Thrive as an empath

    How to Practice Self-Compassion When You Feel Like a Failure

    Developing self-compassion

    How Light Can Overcome Darkness

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and burnout

    How to Treat Autoimmune Disorders Holistically

    Living With an Autoimmune Disorder

    Have you ever felt, or been told that you’re a little different? Do you feel things more deeply, or tend to take on so much of that energy and so much of the concern and care for other people? As a business owner, that can make things especially difficult because boundaries are so essential. Especially […]

    Empathic Solopreneur: An interview with Laura Voss

    The Enlightened Heart Podcast

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    Overcoming Overwhelm during the Holidays

    Overwhelm during the holidays has become the norm for a lot of people and is especially common for HSP’s and empaths.  Although it is the norm it doesn’t have to be that way. Overcoming overwhelm and stress is possible, even during the holidays. Although we can’t control what is happening around us, we are in […]

    Overcoming Overwhelm and Stress, Even During the Holidays

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

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    Coping mechanisms for HSP's and Empaths during the Corona Coaster

    How are you feeling today? Do you feel like you need coping mechanisms for HSP’s/Empaths during the Corona Coaster? I currently feel as though I am on the high end of the corona coaster. However, the reality is that my mood energy level, an overall sense of well-being can shift and change on a daily, […]

    Coping Mechanisms for HSPs/Empaths during the Corona Coaster

    How to Live/Thrive as an Empath

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    explain being an empath to non-empaths

    When I tell people that I am an empath, I am often asked what that means. If you are an empath you may want to learn how to explain what an empath is in a way non-empaths can understand. By no means am I advocating explaining empaths or empathic superpowers to everyone, pick the people […]

    How To Explain Being An Empath In A Way Non-Empaths Can Understand

    How to Live/Thrive as an Empath

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    Self-compassion is a vital part of feeling purposeful, well, and happy. You may be thinking that’s great, but: What is self-compassion, and why is it important? I want to go into this topic in detail so you can leave with an understanding and strategies you can apply to your life. What does self-compassion mean? Self-compassion […]

    What Is Self-Compassion And Why Is It Important For Everyone (& Especially Empaths)?

    Developing Self-Compassion

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    can being an empath cause depression

    Are you an empath and find yourself more prone to depression? Can being an empath cause depression? I want to start by saying that I am speaking from my own training and experience. As an empath/highly sensitive person myself I have a lot of personal experience working with sensitivity. I am also a certified coach, […]

    Can Being an Empath Cause Depression?

    How to Live/Thrive as an Empath

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    A woman drinking coffee outside during the holidays

    What did you feel when you read the title of this article? What thoughts, feelings or words came up for you? I know that thriving during the holidays as a highly sensitive person is easier said than done. We are in a time of intense energy. As the days get shorter, pumpkin spice everything emerges […]

    Thriving During the Holidays as a Highly Sensitive Person

    How to Live/Thrive as an Empath

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    A woman smiling in front of a brightly painted wall

    How many times have you heard statements like these?  “You’re too dark!” “You’re too shy!”  “Wow, you are hairy!” “You are too fat.”  “You are too much!” “ You are too little.”  “Wow, you have gained weight!”  Recently I was listening to Oprah’s soul series podcast, and there was an episode in which Toni Morrison’s […]

    You are Enough! How to Improve Self-Esteem

    Developing Self-Compassion

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    Since I am a mother, summer is the most convenient time to travel. We have decided as a family that we want to travel as much as possible before our kids go off to college, so this means that we will do a big trip over the summer and shorter ones throughout the year. As […]

    Travel and the Highly Sensitive Person

    How to Live/Thrive as an Empath

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