5 Ways to Feed Your Soul & Rise into Your Leadership

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    Pain: It’s time to pay attention!

    You can’t turn on the Television, pick up a magazine, or even fill gas in your car without coming across an advertisement for pain relief. We are surrounded by medications to help with different types of pain. Before you go, I am not going to tell you to suffer and not use these medications, what […]

    How to Live/Thrive as an Empath


    Coping Mechanism for HSPs/Empaths During the Corona Coaster

    How to Live/Thrive as an empath

    How to Practice Self-Compassion When You Feel Like a Failure

    Developing self-compassion

    How Light Can Overcome Darkness

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and burnout

    How to Treat Autoimmune Disorders Holistically

    Living With an Autoimmune Disorder

    If you start to research anxiety or anxiousness, worry, stress, insomnia you will find so many solutions. Some of them are contradictory and others are supportive. In my work with clients over the years there are a three things that I have found that can help decrease stress. When you decrease your stress you are […]

    The “3 S” Method to Holistically Reduce Anxious Feelings

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

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    These past few years have been a time of tremendous growth and self-understanding. Through this process I have had to let go of so many people and things that I thought were valuable.  At this point in my journey I am compelled to share with you the knowledge that I have gained. My hope is that […]

    Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

    Developing Self-Compassion

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    Did you start the year with the intention of keeping your home or office more organized? How is that working for you? Are you ready to get your home or office back into shape? In this video I share a simple way to re-organize your space.    

    Organizing Your Home/Office

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

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    Have you ever started something with full motivation and then time passes and you find yourself procrastinating and not taking steps toward your goal? In this video I remind you of two simple steps you can take to reignite your motivation. Enjoy, As always, if you need help reigniting motivation.    

    Reigniting Motivation

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

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    As I write this I am taking a break to cough in between phrases and sentences. I had so many things and tasks I needed to complete this week and was working diligently to meet my monthly goals. I now realize this month’s I have been sick twice, which is not normal for me. So […]

    3 Strategies to Slowww Down

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

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