5 Ways to Feed Your Soul & Rise into Your Leadership

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    Self-compassion for the HSP/Empath

    Do you struggle with negative, hurtful, and degrading self-talk? It can be so difficult to practice self-compassion as most of us are our harshest critics. The way that we self talk, directly effects how we both take care of and treat ourselves. Making mistakes in life does not make you any less worthy of self-love, […]

    The Enlightened Heart Podcast


    Coping Mechanism for HSPs/Empaths During the Corona Coaster

    How to Live/Thrive as an empath

    How to Practice Self-Compassion When You Feel Like a Failure

    Developing self-compassion

    How Light Can Overcome Darkness

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and burnout

    How to Treat Autoimmune Disorders Holistically

    Living With an Autoimmune Disorder

    how to practice self-compassion

    Do you consider yourself a compassionate person? How about self-compassionate? If you aren’t sure how to practice self-compassion, keep reading. Negative self-talk can genuinely get in the way of living your abundant, purposeful life. I am willing to bet that the things you say to yourself, you wouldn’t say to your worst enemy.  Although words […]

    How To Practice Self-Compassion When You Feel Like a Failure

    Developing Self-Compassion

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    develop self-compassion

    Are you having trouble sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night? Do you just feel like you need a break? Are you exhausted? On edge? Irritable? Does every task feel like too much? Headaches or physical pain?  It is time to develop a deeper level of self-compassion. How can you develop self-compassion […]

    How To Develop Self-Compassion When You’re Already Feeling Burnt Out & Stressed

    Developing Self-Compassion

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    empath in meditation

    Are you an empath? If you are, do you know how to embrace being one? If you or someone you know is an empath, keep reading to learn more about how to embrace being an empath and live an amazing life. The word empath is used a lot more lately, but what exactly is an […]

    How Embrace Being an Empath & Live and Amazing Life

    How to Live/Thrive as an Empath

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    Self-compassion is a vital part of feeling purposeful, well, and happy. You may be thinking that’s great, but: What is self-compassion, and why is it important? I want to go into this topic in detail so you can leave with an understanding and strategies you can apply to your life. What does self-compassion mean? Self-compassion […]

    What Is Self-Compassion And Why Is It Important For Everyone (& Especially Empaths)?

    Developing Self-Compassion

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