5 Ways to Feed Your Soul & Rise into Your Leadership

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    You are Enough! How to Improve Self-Esteem

    How many times have you heard statements like these?  “You’re too dark!” “You’re too shy!”  “Wow, you are hairy!” “You are too fat.”  “You are too much!” “ You are too little.”  “Wow, you have gained weight!”  Recently I was listening to Oprah’s soul series podcast, and there was an episode in which Toni Morrison’s […]

    Developing Self-Compassion


    Coping Mechanism for HSPs/Empaths During the Corona Coaster

    How to Live/Thrive as an empath

    How to Practice Self-Compassion When You Feel Like a Failure

    Developing self-compassion

    How Light Can Overcome Darkness

    Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and burnout

    How to Treat Autoimmune Disorders Holistically

    Living With an Autoimmune Disorder

    Are you the type of person that wakes up every morning and feels great! Do you wake up ready to face the day, love your body, love yourself and your life? If so then great!! This post isn’t for you. If you sometimes feel some shame or dislike for your body, your accomplishments, or any […]

    What is Self-Love? Especially as an HSP?

    Developing Self-Compassion

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    Hand holding a lit sparkler on New Years

    We start off the year with renewed energy. The new year is the time of year that we are supposed to change, the start of the year is the time to being anew, it feels like a clean slate. With this sense of renewal there can also be a lot of pressure to make major […]

    How to make the New Year Successful

    Developing Self-Compassion

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    These past few years have been a time of tremendous growth and self-understanding. Through this process I have had to let go of so many people and things that I thought were valuable.  At this point in my journey I am compelled to share with you the knowledge that I have gained. My hope is that […]

    Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

    Developing Self-Compassion

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